petro cow project

The Petro-Cow Project (PCP) is a collaborative effort between students of the Design Computing and Architecture disciplines at the University of Sydney. The project is an exploration of social-networking within a common architectural space. This exploration observes interactions between people, and physical objects within the space, in the form of an interactive installation. Each of these interactions will change the way the installation behaves, which will in turn influence those viewing the installation. This feedback loop will be an important aspect in maintaining the dynamic nature of the installation.

The physical objects that form the basis of interaction in this installation are common milk crates. These crates will have technology embedded in them (for example, laptops to give them computing power) such that they are aware of their surrounding environment. The movements and interactions the crates experience will contribute to the installation, shaping a social community shared by all of the milk crates. These inanimate objects are given a new life by allowing them to retrieve data about their surrounding environment. It is by doing this, that the milk crates will evolve individual personalities. These personalities are expressed through a projection over the installation itself, as well as the crates posting to an online blog, which will be publicly accessible.

The installation will be on exhibition in ‘The Hearth’, a common meeting area located in the Faculty of Architecture’s Wilkinson Building (on level 2).

PCP Project 2006